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The Fiat Mobi is the ideal car for those who want to discover the city and all that it has of the best, without wasting time. Now the 2018 line of Fiat Mobi further enhances this vocation with the arrival of a new version, the GSR Drive, equipped with automated transmission and Firefly 1.0 engine.For its modern and constantly evolving design, the Mobi was chosen to receive for the first time in the history of the Brazilian Fiat the combination of engine 1.0 with automated transmission. And in the meantime, it justified this merit: in the tests of Inmetro-PBEV the Mobi Drive GSR (the acronym GSR stands for Gear Smart Ride) achieved the lowest urban cycle fuel consumption among all the models equipped with 1.0 engine for sale in the country.This exceptional result in reduction of consumption, as well as emissions, comes with a new level of comfort for the segment, thanks to the GSR-Comfort automated transmission driven by buttons on the console and wings behind the steering wheel. The set is complemented by the brand new Firefly 1.0 three-cylinder engine, electric steering with City function and the exclusive Fiat Live On entertainment system on board.The Mobi line 2018 has five versions, with new content offerings: Easy, Like, Way

Perfect mechanical set for urban use

Preferred by buyers for its intelligent use of internal space with reduced external dimensions and differentiated design, Mobi recently won the Drive version with Firefly 1.0 three-cylinder engine. And now it also receives the GSR-Comfort transmission, which unifies the convenience of an automated transmission to the efficiency and performance of the Firefly 1.0 engine, further boosting the fuel economy, especially in situations of intense traffic in the big cities.In the center console five buttons allow easy activation, including Sport function, which triggers a more sporty driving mode. By means of flaps on the steering wheel the driver, if desired, can change the gears manually, even when the transmission is in the automatic position.The Mobi Drive GSR transmission features the Creeping function, which makes starting and maneuvering much more comfortable and safe, including ramps up to 8% inclination. Just take the foot off the brake that the Mobi moves, like a conventional automatic transmission.
There is also the Auto-up Shift Abort, an intelligent system that identifies a rapid speed recovery and aborts the shift to a higher gear, maintaining more vigorous accelerations, including overtaking, with the engine in higher rotation.
The new three-cylinder Firefly 1.0 engine adopts 2-valve-per-cylinder architecture with optimized set geometry. This technical design results in high power, higher torque at low engine speeds and reduced fuel consumption – in short, a perfect fit for urban use.The Firefly 1.0 works in a lower gear, assuring Mobi more silence on board and more pleasurable driving. It is complemented by electric steering with City function, which when activated by means of a button on the panel further reduces the need for effort during parking maneuvers. The function is turned off automatically at higher speeds while maintaining safety.

The Mobi Drive also features HCSS technology, which eliminates the extra petrol tank for cold starts.
More connectivity and content offering in the 2018 range
Expanding the horizons of connectivity, the exclusive Fiat Live On is available in four of the five Fiat Mobi 2018 versions. Through an exclusive app, Fiat Live On transforms an ordinary smartphone into a multimedia center that can be accessed through the device or the multifunction steering wheel.
Simple and yet complete, Fiat Live On takes Mobi the most used applications on its owner’s smartphone. In addition to accessing traffic and music apps like Spotify, radios, photos, the internet and making and receiving calls, Fiat Live On offers unique applications that help the driver, such as EcoDrive and OndeParei ?. The system is complemented by a USB port on the dashboard, which can be used to charge the smartphone battery.
The range of versions of the Mobi 2018 also gained content kits that allow the owner to further customize their vehicle, tailoring it perfectly to their style and needs. The versions and their kits are:
MobiEasy : Brings standard Fire 1.0 EVO 8V Flex engine, dashboard with LED lighting and 3.5-inch digital display, brake light, ESS (Emergency Braking Signal), among other items. You can optionally receive defroster with hot air and the Functional Kit, consisting of front electric windows, radio pre-arrangement, defroster, rear window wiper and washer and electric door locks.

MobiLike : Adds to the Easy version Air conditioning, power steering, trip computer, power windows, power door locks, height-adjustable steering wheel, vehicle color door handles and mirrors and more. You can get Kit Connect, with rear window defroster, wiper and rear window washer, Bluetooth Connect radio and multifunction steering wheel, or the Live On Kit, which adds to these items the Fiat Live On system and TFT instrument panel.
MobiWay : Add to Like longitudinal roof bars, frame on wheel housings, unique bumper and raised suspension. This version can also be equipped with the Connect and Live On kits.
MobiDrive : In addition to Like items, it features the new Firefly 6V Flex 1.0 engine, front grille with black onyx paint, electric steering, and cold start HCSS system. The available kits are Connect, Live On and even the Tech, consisting of key with remote control, fog lights, 14-inch alloy wheels, alarm, electric rear view mirror with Tilt Down, Cargo Box, driver’s seat with height adjustment, rear parking sensor, extra-series seats, front seat belts with height adjustment, interior opening of the boot and fuel tank, and front door sill finish.
Mobi Drive GSR : Add to Drive the automated transmission, gear-shifter and map-A and B computer. You can also receive the Connect, Live On and Tech kits.
The offer of colors includes the solid options White Banchisa, Vulcan Black and Alpine Red, the pearly White Alaska and the silver Silver Bari, TellurimGray and Amazon Green (the last two exclusive to the Way version).
More convenience, confidence and customizationAll the effort applied in the development of Mobi is reflected in the total guarantee of three years, rare benefit in the entry segment. After-sales experience will also be made easier for the customer with Mopar service contracts. It may opt for scheduled revision packages already at the time of vehicle acquisition through Tailor Made Review. Not only this package, but also several other MVP services, can be purchased along with vehicle financing, according to one of Mopar’s priorities, convenience.
Also for the Fiat Mobi will be offered extended warranty directly from the factory. The customer may purchase 12 or 24 months of warranty plus the contract of the vehicle. And still rely on the benefits of Confiat during the warranty, such as car booking, towing, mechanical rescue and lodging. The goal is to provide the Mobi owner with more convenience, peace of mind and security. In addition, by adding these attributes to the extensive network of dealerships with highly qualified professionals with world-class standards, guaranteeing excellent services, Mopar is concerned to offer a reliable service to its consumers.
The owner of a Mobi can also equip his car with Mopar accessories in the network of Fiat dealers. There are 36 items that can make Mobi even more practical, functional and secure. Highlights include a rear-view mirror with a rear-view camera, an alarm, a multimedia center, a windscreen sunscreen, a sunglass holder, a sports pedal, a tubular roof rack, an elastic trunk for the trunk, a pair of expandable pockets, a towel cover for banks, animal transport cover and surfboard strap, among others. In this way Mopar closes its commitment to its consumers offering several possibilities of customization, another priority of the brand. Mopar: confidence, convenience and customization at the service of its consumers.
Prices for the 2018 line :
Mobi Easy: R $ 33,700
Mobi Like: R $ 39,190
Mobi Way: R $ 40,650
Mobi Drive: R $ 40,650
Mobi Drive GSR: R $ 44,780

The new Fullback Cross is the top-of-the-line version of the Fiat pick-up, a model that meets the ever-increasing demand of these vehicles, renowned for their robustness and versatility, but with the specific comfort of a sedan and a strong design characterization . With a surprising lifestyle character, Fiat’s new model is an extremely functional pick-up that offers superior performance during the daily routine, as well as getting the most out of free time.
In particular, the new Fullback Cross offers exclusive styling details, all the dynamism and strength of a transport vehicle, such as the exclusive, aerodynamic and textured black anti-roll bar that adds elegance to your silhouette and highlights your profile. The striking, sporty and aggressive look of the model is enhanced by a large number of elements such as the front grille, rear-view mirrors, door handles, wheel arches and 17-inch wheels with matte black finish, while the new side running boards of innovative style are finished in black.This unmistakable look comes with generous standard equipment, including bi-xenon headlights, LED daytime running lights, automatic two-zone climate control, cruise control, leather seats and steering wheel. The front seats are also heated and have electrical adjustment on the driver’s side. In addition, the equipment includes navigation system with touch screen of 7.0 inches, DAB radio, CD / MP3 player, Bluetooth and USB input. Last but not least, it has seven airbags (including the driver’s knee airbag), electronic stability control, trailer stability assist, track exit warning (LDW) and help with starting ramps (Hill Holder).
The traction system stands out from its competitors: with no less than four different modes, capable of reaching any destination, is the most complete in the lifestyle category. At the touch of a button, the two wheel drive mode is changed, ideal for fuel economy. The all-wheel drive with a Torsencenter differential automatically distributes the torque between the front and rear axles, depending on the drive needs. The center differential can be locked by distributing the 50/50 torque between the front and rear axles for off-road use. The system also offers the option of a gearbox, and for the more extreme surfaces, the mechanical locking of the rear differential.
The Fiat Fullback Cross is available in the double cab configuration with dimensions of 5.28 m in length, 1.81 m in width and 1.78 m in height. The wheelbase is 3.00 m. Despite its considerable size, Fiat’s pick-up leads its segment in agility: the turning diameter (only 11.8 meters) is the best in its class. On top of all this, the rear view camera is offered as standard. Fullback is capable of carrying up to 1.1 tons and towing 3,100 kg.
The new Fiat conceals under the hood a powerful 2.4-liter common-rail turbodiesel with 180 hp with a torque of 430 Nm, with variable valve lift to maximize power and maintain reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The engine meets the Euro 6 standards, without the worry or expense of having to use AdBlue®. Fullback Cross also offers two transmissions: six-speed manual and five-link automatic, the latter with flaps on the steering wheel for a dynamic and thrilling driving experience.
The Fiat Fullback Cross is now available from Fiat and Fiat Professional dealers in Europe.

But can you just imagine the kind of fuel these big guys use up?

If you’ve ever been to a full-size American farm, with hundreds of acres to cover, you know that just to go around, without even beginning to haul whatever farm produce needed to be moved around, will mean a full-size, powerful vehicle. In the United States, and probably in huge European and Asian farms, too, these farm trucks come in the form of full-size, all-duty, pickup trucks. Now imagine working with a hybrid pickup truck. In the U.S., Ford full-size pickup trucks are the bestsellers. But not far behind are the Chevrolet and GMC lines of pickup trucks off heavy-duty platforms. Aside from CUVs and SUVs, pickup trucks are the favorite pick of the all-American worker.

Hybrid Pickup Trucks Stand Out

Well, how about using alternative fuel or alternative power source for these gas-monsters? Hybrids are the answer. Not too long ago, Chevrolet and GMC introduced their lines of hybrid pickup trucks to go neck-to-neck with the best-selling F-Series of Ford Motors. Chevrolet’s Silverado and GMC’s Sierra, both gave a new twist to the good old pickup truck: that of a hybrid origin. GM Chevrolet came out with a hybrid Silverado recently, the first GM hybrid actually. Its electric motor does “mild hybrid” service to run power accessories and engine assistance. The hybrid has extra batteries that store power and kicks in when needed to add push to the already powerful Vortec V8 engine. The Silverado hybrid pickup truck, side to side with its counterpart the GMC Sierra hybrid pickup, is a sight for sore environmentalist’s eyes who shudder at the rate these trucks’ conventional brothers guzzle fuel and emit carbon dioxide.

Hybrid Pickup Features

The most popular pickup truck models run on regular gasoline and come in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive versions. The benchmark EPA fuel economy ratings are 17 and 19 mpg for city and highway cruising, respectively, and a whopping 18 miles to the gallon for such huge vehicles when the gas engine and electric motor combine forces. Some of the most advanced 2007 models run on the Hybrid Vortec 5.3liter V8 engine. In addition, there is a 2400-watt generator on board. Power windows, mirrors, and door locks are standard. The rugged looks belie the gentle and driver-friendly interiors and insider features, like the 6-way reclining bucket seats for the driver, temperature controls, near-touch audio controls mounted on the steering wheel, the rearview mirror that auto-dims to counter glare, and other safety add-ons.

Galvanized body panels, chrome bumpers, cargo lamps, full-size doors, halogen lams, chrome surround grilles, foldaway mirrors, manual trailer mirrors, side moldings, and pick-up box and recovery hooks, are just some of the standard features of the latest hybrid pickups. But unlike their all-gas brothers in the range, they use the Hybrid Vortec V8 engine. They come prepared for power-work, from the engine to the differential to the brakes system. The Vortec engine packs full power, the auto-lock rear differential delivers the push, the 4-wheel anti-lock braking system ensures full stop when needed. A driver information system provides full instrumentation, showing full gauges for tach, trip odometer, temperature, and oil pressure. A DVD entertainment showcase has DVD players, monitors, wireless headphones, and remote controllers. The OnStar navigation includes safety cruising features and stability guides. Safety seats for children are provided in the crew cab, featuring the LATCH or Lower Anchors and Top Tethers for Children system. More and more cowboys and farmers and engineers are taking a second look at the kind of emissions their trucks leave behind and the amount of fuel used in expelling those huge amounts of smog. With environmental consciousness seeping in, these working boys are looking more and more at the hybrid pickup truck as their workhorse of choice when they go to the field.

A number of accessories can be fitted onto pickup trucks history for carrying different items such as ladders, kayaks, canoes, and lumber. These utilities are necessary for camping activities and are commonly used by sportsmen and artisans. Side-mounted ladder racks are fitted to the side of a pickup truck with the help of steel clampers. They are designed to carry any item weighing less than 250 lbs. They are expandable and can be fitted to any pickup truck with or without stake pockets. The height of these racks can also be adjusted to suit different types of pickup trucks. Painters’ ladder racks are designed to carry ladders on the top or side of a pickup truck for easy placement and removal. The ladders can be secured to the racks with the help of hold-down arms with or without a padlock. Apart from standard adjustable features, they have additional tie-down points for ropes and straps. Three ladder racks can accommodate a maximum of three ladders and are secured to the bed rail using an integrated clamping system. They are equipped with anti-theft fasteners and have a user-friendly design for quick loading and unloading. They have multiple steel loops for securing cargo with the help of chains, straps, or ropes.

Extension ladder racks are designed to carry ladders more than fifteen feet long. They have a metal pole platform supported by two steel poles for storing long ladders. They have a rear roller mechanism, which allows users to haul up the ladder onto the rack with minimum effort. It can also be used to carry other equipment, which is more than fifteen feet long. All types of ladder racks can be fastened to the bed rail with the help of utility tools provided with the racks. Rack removal process is also easy and can be completed within two minutes for most ladder racks. All these features have made ladder racks one of the most commonly used pickup truck accessories. Any American would agree that a pickup truck is no less than an American icon. When one thinks of a truck, he or she has thoughts of beach trips in the summer, those lovely long drives through the countryside or countless picnics with the extended family and kids in tow! Pickup trucks are perfect for families and even double up to meet the transportation needs of business owners. If you feel that a pickup truck will be the right vehicle to meet your personal or business needs, you are on the right track. This vehicle is more than just a means of transport. Apart from being a mighty vehicle to drive, a truck has various advantages over other vehicles.

Advantages of owning a Pickup Truck:

Ease of transportation- One can transport people and cargo easily using a pickup truck. Trucks have a large bed that can carry a variety of stuff easily. Even heavy goods can be transported efficiently. During family outings, these vehicles can carry things like your child’s bicycle, garden furniture or other big things that are required for a weekend camping trip. When moving from one home to another, these vehicles are of great help. Pickup trucks definitely make work easier. Safety- Trucks are safer than most cars. They have a strong body made of tested and reinforced metals that protect one in the event of an unwanted crash. Since most trucks sit taller, the driver can get a good view of the road ahead and of other automobiles on the road. Also, these vehicles are safer in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, snow or a hailstorm. These trucks are often used for transportation in snow-clad areas, to carry goods or to ferry people. Durable engine- Most trucks come with a strong, durable and heavy-duty engine. They are designed to carry the heaviest of things without compromising on the safety of the truck or the passengers. Moreover, if you are looking for a vehicle with good torque and horsepower, a pickup truck will serve your purpose. Now, since we have seen the benefits of owning one, let us talk about where to buy a pickup truck. In the case that you want to save a few thousand dollars, go for a used truck. Online auto auctions are highly popular for buying used vehicles at affordable prices. In fact, if you consider buying salvage heavy duty trucks for sale, you can get them at a fraction of their market price at an online auction. Salvage car auctions list wrecked, collision damaged and theft recovered vehicles for sale at low prices.

While most of these vehicles need major repair, one can do research on vehicles and find a truck that will work fine after being rebuilt. Especially if you are into restoring vehicles or know someone who can do it for you, buying one of these salvage heavy duty trucks for sale is a good idea. If you search extensively, you might find a repossessed or theft recovered truck which could be in fair running condition or may need just minor repairs. Denis Lilley has spent over 15 years in the Online Auto Auctions business of clean and salvage-titled vehicles. He has got an extensive knowledge about how the different auto auction companies (like Autobidmaster ), operate in the USA. In this article, he has tried to share with the readers, the information regarding the purchase of Pickup trucks at the low price. A pickup truck that has been modified this way, though, is not so strange. It’s really just a pickup truck with huge wheels and suspension. They’re used in competition and as a form of popular sports entertainment, and they are not really driven on the road, but some modified and tweaked cars are driven on the road. These kinds of pickup trucks are seen alongside motocross, mud bogging, tractor pull, and robot fighting, and they often pull out huge crowds that want to see them crushing, running over, demolishing, and breaking other cars.

A super-sized monster truck show is an unforgettable event. They will usually crush the series of smaller cars underneath its gargantuan tires, and the smart cars and other tiny automobiles are totally demolished. Since these trucks can run over most man-made barriers, they are equipped with special Remote Ignition Interrupter switches to prevent any accidents from happening. The audience members have to be kept safe in case a driver loses control of his vehicle. Some events have just one driver, but that’s not really as exciting. Most of the events feature two drivers that are racing simultaneously against each other over symmetrical lines of cars. The loser is eliminated in a fashion like a tournament. The losing driver usually has his car completely destroyed with dynamite, fire, a crushing device, or a huge explosion. This adds fuel to the fire, pun intended, of the audience’s excitement and engagement with the competition. In recent times, a lot of competitions have closed with a “freestyle” event. It is sort of like figure skating with big pickup trucks, and the drivers are able to select their own course and obstacles to choose from. Drivers will often try “donuts”, but these don’t work very well. Wheelstands and jumps are also common fares. Other obstacles are sometimes put on the track like school buses and small airplanes. Pickup trucks that have been modified a little like this are the largest form of pickup trucks there are. They are some of the most massive and indelible trucks you’ll ever see, and the impression they leave will linger for a long time. Don’t hesitate to go to a large lifted truck show if you ever get the chance.

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